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We do Not Ownzer Joo n00bs

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Confessions [Apr. 29th, 2005|06:39 pm]
We do Not Ownzer Joo n00bs


I confess:

I bought Guild Wars.

Namely cause 1) I really feel little desire to play my rogue anymore cause I can feel a nerf hammer coming down because of the nonstop whining of everyone who doesn't actually play a rogue

and 2)No monthly fee bitches! So even if i dont play it a lot, shit, its not like im paying money a month so I dont feel like i HAVE to play it

and yes, its not half bad.
its not WoW. its not the same thing.
Its like Champions of Norrath in EQ clothing.

[User Picture]From: jarydm
2005-04-30 01:57 pm (UTC)
champions of norrath WAS in eq clothing :P

you should start over on the new server with me.... its much more fun to be on a virgin server.

and they wont nerf any class, they arent verant, and if any class was going to be nerfed it was hunters very early on, but blizzard stood by its decesion to leave the classes the way they were, and now its fine
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